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I know there is much debate about what it is that we Mediums do and that we are motivated by material gains. I can only speak for myself, Mediumship is a work that is healing for the living and sometimes for those that have crossed over. My mission is to make people aware of the existence of a higher power and to let the world know even if it is one person at a time, that life does not end it continues in an energetic form. Our loved ones have not been lost forever they have just been transformed into a different form of existence. That love you had for that person is not gone it remains and only has amplified for them on the other side. Remember this is only a temporary state, we are in Kindergarten in the school of life and have so much more to learn before we can become the beings of light and love that exist closest to God.

Now in regards to motivations, through helping others I am able to fill a void in my heart that has felt empty. This work has brought me closer to God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, along with much peace and happiness in my heart. Financial gain is not my motivation. LOVE is what motivates me in this work and helping people in anyway I can, whether it be connecting you to your loved ones, your Angels, Reiki or Angelic guidance.

Love transcends time and space, God is Love and Love is God!

Much Love & Light Always,

Maura XOXO