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"An Angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were

terrified. But the Angel said to them, "Do not be afraid, I bring you good news of great joy that will be 

for all the people."   -    Luke 2:9-10, NIV

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       Growing up I was just like any other child except I would feel and hear things that I did not understand, and that truly frightened me. In my teen years I tried very hard to ignore it but it always managed to work its way into my life.

       When I was in my mid twenties my connection and faith to God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit became very strong, along with my belief in Angels. I started to feel, hear and see things more often. Ten years ago when someone whom I loved very much passed away, I then could no longer ignore this ability. I was forced to acknowledge this and learn how to use this to help others heal and this is the path I believe I am meant to follow.

       Most of my learning has come from my Archangels and the God energy, I am able to do this work only with the guidance of God.

       I am guided through my Archangels, and the Love and Light of God, to connect with your loved ones on the otherside. Angels are the beautiful beings of light that God put here to guide us through our journey of life and they are the beings that guide me with God's work. I do not, nor do I try to tell the future, as I feel that is not my purpose. I am here to ensure that the loving messages from your loved ones are received. I make no promises but only that I will do my best to connect you with your loved ones!    

Purpose of a Medium

(My Belief)

Mediums were given this ability by God for the purpose of bringing closure, peace and healing to those that have lost a loved one. Also to make people aware that God does exist and our loved ones do not leave us, they exist in God's universe eternally with love and peace.